“Enterprise Project, Program, Portfolio, Process and People Management is the most powerful, robust and easy-to-use solution to Prioritize, Plan, Manage, Measure, Monitor, Control and Evaluate business process”

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Enterprise Optimus

Enterprise Optimus

Enterprise Optimus is an Enterprise Process Management (EPM) tool that confluences Business Processes and Technology to meet organizational needs. Enterprise Optimus is a process centric, execution oriented, performance focused, flexible, and scalable Enterprise Process Management tool built on SOA technology. Enterprise Optimus provides the ability for an organization to identify the enterprise processes, understand the interactions within the processes and validate the improvements that are necessary to reach the desired outcome improving bottom-line financial results beyond what can be achieved solely through statistical methods.


Our Business Process Consulting approach aims at your organizational Process's transformation by eliminating redundancies and optimization of the execution time of each process.

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Enterprise Optimus is an "Enterprise Process Management” tool built on SOA facilitating quicker and easier integration and laser precision process management.

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  • Green Field Approach
  • Malcolm Baldridge
  • CMMI

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